What is Psychic Intuition?

A psychic is a person who is able to identify information hidden from the normal senses.  They are able to see, hear, feel, sense, taste, or have intuition beyond the boundaries of the physical world. 

Physic Intuition

One of the core principles of the science of physics is that information is never lost.  The thoughts and feelings we experience, or even our consciousness when we die, make up part of the non-physical realm called space.  It also contains ultraviolet radiation, infra-red light, x-rays, gamma rays, gravitational fields, magnetic fields, radio-waves and many other forms of energy, some of which can be measured with the right equipment.  In fact, if you were to place a radio in that seemingly empty space and tune it to the right frequency, you would here a voice emerging from that radio.  Is the voice in that box?  No, it is everywhere, you just need to tune in to the right frequency in order to hear it.  The same is true of psychics.  Everybody is capable of receiving the signal, it’s just about tuning in to the right frequency.

Amongst many other revolutionary discoveries, Einstein proposed the concept of a fourth dimension called space-time.  Within this four-dimensional framework, time is believed to be non-linear.  Past, present, and future are all occurring simultaneously and space is considered to contain the information of everything.  Could psychics have harnessed the ability to shift their perspective to the vantage point of the space-time dimension?