What makes my sessions unique?

I have combined my Psychic Intuition with the knowledge and experience I have gained from Kinesiology, Pellowah, Nursing, Naturopathy and more to create a unique modality that supports people to reconnect with their true authentic self. This is a connection that has not been lost, just forgotten. The process of remembering who you really are requires an acceptance of all aspects of yourself, including those parts we often try to hide from others. When we are willing to remove our mask and show all of who we are to the world, we free others to do the same. 

What to expect in a session

During your sessions we explore the subconscious and unconscious factors that influenced your choice to wear a mask in the first place. Awareness of the choices you have made and why you made them empowers you to make different choices. With the freedom to make new choices comes ownership and responsibility. Sometimes we may need to explore your willingness to own the outcomes of those choices and learn from them, recognising the need for kindness and compassion towards yourself as you let go of old ways and embrace new truths about yourself. Learning is best done through play and exploration, so you are encouraged to view the world as your playground. Making mistakes is a big part of this because if you are making mistakes it means you are stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things and new ways of being.

What does all this have to do with my sore knee, my hypothyroidism, or my gluten intolerance you may ask?  Well, when you consider each person as a whole being, you recognise that any spiritual, emotional, or mental stress can affect our physical self and manifest as a physical issue or complaint. Commonly physical symptoms are the last way in which these stresses present themselves.  We may have been receiving many subtle signals for a while, but physical symptoms are harder to ignore and push aside.  The physical discomfort is often what propels someone to take action.  

What do I do that is different?

Using psychic intuition, I am able to observe how you see yourself from within your own personal frame of reference and contrast that with the truth of who you are outside that frame of reference. This is useful for distinguishing patterns, beliefs, values, sabotages, conflicts, or any other stressors that are relevant to the issue/s you are presenting with. I can also access information in relation to your past, present, and future in this lifetime, or in past lives or other dimensions, in order to more accurately identify the root cause of any blockages or obstacles preventing you from knowing your true nature. 

As a medium, I am also able to tune in to the energy around you, including the consciousness of people who have passed (i.e. left their physical bodies) in order to provide new awareness or context, resolve unfinished business, obtain a different perspective, identify a limiting belief, let go of something that was keeping you from moving forward, or any number of reasons that are presently affecting you in an undesirable way.

You have access to an enormous amount of information at any given moment. There is too much data available for you to manage all at once, therefore your brain filters what you receive before it reaches your conscious awareness. How does your brain know what to ignore and what to allow through to your consciousness. That is largely determined by where you focus your attention.  For example, when you buy a new car, suddenly you notice all the other cars like yours on the road. It’s not that everyone has gone out and bought the same car as you, it’s just that you have shifted your focus and are paying more attention to those cars.  Or when you become pregnant, all of a sudden you start to notice all the other pregnant women.  In other words, what you focus on helps shape your perception of the world and therefore, your reality. I support you to shift your focus, even for a moment, allowing you to receive new, previously filtered information. As a result, different options and choices become available, enabling creative solutions to present themselves. With a fresh outlook and a new perspective of yourself and the world around you, you are free to create a new reality. You can shift the potential of who you are.

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