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  • Aimee SemmensBendigo

    A friend of mine booked my first session with Kathy. I didn’t even know anything about what to expect. At that time I was going through a lot of change in my life. Kathy provided the clarity I had been searching for. Regular Wellbeing sessions have definitely contributed to my improved health and well-being and I really look forward to them. Kathy has encouraged me to trust my intuition, to not limit myself and to explore my gifts. Thank-you Kathy for providing a safe welcoming space and for sharing your gifts which has enabled me to step out into the the world authentically.

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  • Maranelle DuffySt Arnaud

    I was totally not expecting the experience I got. Totally worth it and can’t wait to come back and see what the next meeting brings. Kathy is amazing and thankyou. Have learnt so much. Thankyou. xx

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  • Jodie FrancisGardener - Donald

    I’m loving my sessions with Kathy, I’m able to look inside myself more and am feeling so much more like myself. Happy, content, free are some words I would use to describe how I’m feeling.

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  • MichaelWine Merchant - Melbourne

    When I commenced sessions with Kathy, I was unsure of both what to expect and also what the outcomes would be for myself. Kathy’s warm welcoming personality put me at ease and her healing work has assisted my view and understanding of myself, my relationships with others and my place in the world. I am so grateful that I went down this path as I am in a much better place, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I would highly recommend Kathy, especially to those who feel they would benefit from a healing, but are unsure of the first step.

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  • Katie GLondon

    Having done a couple of sessions now with Kathy, I can definitely see the progress I am making. I love that Kathy's advice is very focused on you and the part you play in any situation. Even after two sessions I feel more equipped to catch my negative thoughts and are more curious to explore what is behind them. Thank you Kathy, see you for session three!

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  • Narelle(Teacher/School Leader) - Australia

    I would highly recommend Tree of Life Wellbeing Centre and the work of Kathy Walker. I have been going to Kathy for kinesiology since 2017 and have really enjoyed working with her over the years.

    Kathy is very intuitive and is willing to dive deep into issues from a spiritual perspective, talk them through in rich detail and help to resolve them with humour and joy. She has helped me to navigate and better understand my faith and develop a sense of belief in myself.

    Kathy has also worked with my children when they were around 10 and 6 years old. She works so beautifully with children as she has a nurturing and kind way of working with them. Both of my children experienced practical and emotional benefits from working with Kathy.

    Recently, I saw Kathy again (via zoom) for help in dealing with some conflict I was facing in the workplace and was having difficulty coping with. There are not many people who enjoy conflict and I was someone who tried to avoid it at all costs! When I found myself in the middle of it, I was quite distressed and reached out to Kathy to help me find the balance I would need to face up to the situation and be able to respond to it in a satisfactory way. Kathy helped me uncover and release some deep-seated issues that were clouding my view of myself and gave me some amazing guidance as to how I might develop self-confidence and come through the conflict with composure and with compassion for both myself and the others.

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  • Ronda McIntyre(Early Childhood Educator) - Australia

    Over the past few years I have had several consultations with Kathy.  She has an intriguing gift of healing and counseling, tuning into my energies quickly and easily.  Often there is a change of perspective for me, which ultimately proves to be in my best interests.  Kathy has a pleasant and jovial personality and acts with professional integrity at all times.

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  • Elise Australia

    I have had both face to face and distance healing with Kathy, and the guidance I’ve received has been transforming. Kathy’s wealth of knowledge and intuitive abilities has helped me identify where my blocks are and I’ve experienced the shift in perspective following her sessions. I also observed Kathy do distance healing on my dog for fear aggression, which was extremely fascinating and insightful. I have much more understanding of the issue now and have taken on board Kathy’s advice. I look forward to seeing the changes in him. Thanks Kathy!

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