Tree of Life Wellbeing Centre – Spiritual Alchemy is a spiritual healing practice that blends ancient wisdom to facilitate concious awareness and balance through inner transformation. By providing an alternative to standard Western medicine, Tree of Life Wellbeing Centre provides a psychic intuitive method of healing the body, mind, and spirit.

Restore your vitality, enthusiasm, peace, harmony, passion, clarity and joy with a wellbeing session tailored specifically for your needs.

Wellbeing Sessions – 5D Spiritual Alchemy

For those who have not had a session with me before, I shall try to briefly summarize what to expect (if that’s even possible?). I combine my psychic abilities with my foundations in kinesiology and pellowah, along with my extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, to tailor the session based on the specific needs of each person. I do not adhere to any formal content or structure because I am guided by the needs at the time. It is a very dynamic and interactive process that may even offer the potential for you to uncover some of your hidden gifts and abilities as well. We all have something to contribute so that we can learn from each other. My role is to facilitate this process and guide you to get to the heart of the matter in relation to your perceived limitations and obstacles.

What is 5th Dimension Spiritual Alchemy?

It is a practice where you align your Soul and Spirit, in order to show the best qualities of the Soul in a person. This alignment allows the person to choose more powerfully based on spiritual rather than emotional influences.

Individual Wellbeing

Restore your vitality, enthusiasm, peace, harmony, passion, clarity and joy. Learn how to be you. Book a wellbeing session today.

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Group Wellbeing

Cultivating and reconnecting family or teams to refine their life’s purpose, bounce back from stress, and live at their fullest potential.

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Corporate Wellbeing Packages

Corporate Wellbeing Packages are a fantastic idea for small or large businesses wishing to:

  • expand and improve your product
  • increase sales
  • improve processes
  • increase your staff satisfaction and retention
  • identify or clarify the optimal future direction of the business. 

Wellbeing packages can be tailored to suit your specific needs.  Some options include:

  • individual sessions with staff members as part of a staff wellbeing package addressing the health and wellbeing needs particular to each individual
  • group sessions focusing on a particular aspect of your business that you have identified as needing attention
  • individual sessions focusing on a particular theme for the day (such as teamwork, leadership, embracing change, or creative innovation)